The phrase “work your magic” is both a compliment and a curse. On one hand, it is a tremendous vote of confidence when someone clearly believes I have the skill, experience, wisdom, or whatever to turn a bad cast into a functional orthosis. On the other hand, I know who is hiding behind the curtain, and it’s just me. Yes, I have been doing this for a long time, and yes, I have seen a lot over the years. But, no, I am not in possession of any extraordinary powers. I know a lot of people who also have been doing this for so long that their skill, experience, wisdom, or whatever gives them the appearance of possessing magic powers as well, but sadly they don’t have magic powers either. The cold, cruel fact of the matter is that most of us just do the best we can.

I found this excellent article by Tony Wickman CTPO on the following web site and on their Edge Publication. This is a very indepth web site/publication and it is well worth looking at on a regular basis. Many thanks to O&P The Edge for allowing us to use this article and link on our site.

To read this article in its entirety, see the September 2010 issue of The O&P EDGE: