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The Associate Parliamentary Limb Loss Group would like to wish all Paralympians’ the very best of luck for the forthcoming London 2012 Paralympics. Whilst we could not list all Team GB competitors we have picked out a handful to share some information about some of our limb loss athletes that are competing and perhaps are athletes to watch out for.
We would also like to share our thanks and heart felt appreciation to the many sponsors and companies and many caring healthcare professionals that have and continue to provide their time and many skills in the support of all the Paralympians from every nation.
Special recognition should also go to Ottobock Healthcare, the Official Technical Service Provider for the 2012 Paralympic Games, who recently opened 13 workshops in a staggering 6,500 sq. ft. area providing technical service for the equipment used by in excess of 4000 athletes, including the high‐tech wheelchairs used in wheelchair racing, rugby and basketball and the running blades used by the world’s fastest Paralympic sprinters. Similar to the services provided by mechanics in motor racing, Ottobock is responsible the repair and maintenance of equipment used by Paralympians and getting the athletes back into the competition as quickly as possible.
We hope everyone enjoys the games….

To see some info on the ones to watch click here

London 2012 Paralympics

Now with the London 2012 Olympic Games finished it is less than 17 days till our Paralympians take to the London stage

Please click here for details of the sports and schedule

Hopefully these games will be as successful as the recent Olympic Games

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