SAGE has announced a publishing agreement with the International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics (ISPO) to publish their official journal, Prosthetics and Orthotics International, starting March 2011.

Launched in 1977, it is the international scientific publication specialising in prosthetics and orthotics. It includes reviews, experimental and clinical research papers, case studies, technical notes, reports and book reviews, as well as information about ISPO activities and the outcomes of the ISPO consensus conferences and working groups.

The journal, published four times a year, acts as a key vehicle for ISPO’s mission to enhance the quality of life for people with physical disabilities who require improvements in mobility or independence.

Tessa Picknett, associate director, STM Journals, SAGE, said: “The journalbrings together some of the best interdisciplinary research in this area. Together we will ensure it reaches as wide an audience internationally as possible.”

ISPO president professor Jan Geertzen, said that the journal provides an outlet for basic and clinical science in multidisciplinary prosthetic and orthotic care to practitioners around the world.

“SAGE’s publishing team will help us take the journal to the next level and increase its impact. build on the strong foundation built over the last few years and allow the journal to further increase its impact and take it to the next level.”