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Oven for sale


Oven for sale

240 volt
three shelves
temperature up to 250 degrees centigrade
price £550 ono





For more info please contact [email protected]


Milling Machine for sale

The specification of the milling machine is as follows:

The machine is two and a half years old and was £38,000 euros new. we are looking for £10,795.

With the GP M301 can be milled form almost all commercially available materials and feature inserts blanks. The GP M301 is a compact, highly efficient servo cutter inserts. The milling times are as low as 4min/pc. (8min/pair-GR.39) The built-in vacuum table, the router can be equipped with no additional bonding material. The Absaugvorbereitung allows the operation of a central suction system or a separate industrial vacuum cleaner.

Technical data of the cutter inserts GP M301

Drive motors Servo
Control integrated PC with CAN-BUS control
Space requirements
Travels X650 xY300 xZ150 mm
Spindle Rev/Mon 1.1KW, 300-20,000 rpm
Speeds 0-125mm/sec
Milling Strategy individually, in pairs and plate material
Make ready less than 1 min
Milling times (GR.39) 4min/8min pcs/pair
Materials almost all commercially available materials and function blanks
Equipment including vacuum pump sucks and preparation for the extraction
Guarantee Under EU Law

For more info please contact Steve Bailey [email protected]

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