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Orthotic Technology Forum 2014 – Netherlands

Orthotics Technology Forum 2014 – The Netherlands

We are happy to announce that the 2014 European Orthotics Technology Forum (OTF) will take place in Eindhoven, The Netherlands at the Evoluon Centre on 18th September.

This event is focussed on existing and emerging technologies related to the orthotic insoles industry. Previous events attracted over 100 attendees from 13 different countries worldwide.

This year’s European event is being run alongside The Dutch Society of Podiatry (NVvP) Annual Congress which is an event for high level clinical discussion being held on 19th September. By bringing the two events together on consecutive days in the same venue, delegates have the unique opportunity to attend two days of presentations, discussions and hands on workshops covering both clinical and technological topics. See more about the NVvP conference.

Our guest speakers are leading the way in developing and using different types of technology, from hardware devices to help measure biomechanical features, pressure and anatomical form, CADCAM tools for plasterless manufacture, as well as new ideas for increasing productivity and reducing manufacturing costs.

As with past events we are expecting speakers and attendees to travel from around the world making this a unique global experience.

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Delcam CRISPIN launches new project management system for footwear industry


Delcam CRISPIN has launched project management and collaboration software for the footwear industry called ShoeCloud.  ShoeCloud enables more efficient management of design and manufacturing data throughout the development of new shoe designs, either within a single company or along a supply chain.  It also makes decision making more productive by giving the right information to the right people at the right time.

ShoeCloud can be integrated within the CRISPIN range of software for 3D footwear design and manufacture.  Alternatively, for staff not directly involved in design and manufacturing, such as management or marketing departments, ShoeCloud data can be accessed though standard Web browsers and e-mail.  This versatility allows ShoeCloud to speed and streamline communications at all levels, and so lead to quicker introduction of new designs.

ShoeCloud is expected to be of most benefit for organisations that undertake design in North America or Europe and manufacturing in Asia.  By enabling easier and faster exchange of data between the two regions, detailed project management will be possible with a significant reduction in the time and cost of international travel.

ShoeCloud can store all project data in any format but works best with the CRISPIN .Shoe format.  This format contains the information required for every aspect of design and manufacturing, from the generation of the initial design through to mass production, so there is no need to manage multiple file types.  It makes data management and project planning much simpler, as well as giving greater confidence that the designer’s original intent is captured in the finished footwear.  For staff that do not use any CRISPIN software, designs of complete shoes, or of components such as patterns and soles, can be viewed as .jpg images or 3D pdf files.

Each change to the overall design, or to a single element, is stored within ShoeCloud to give a complete revision history showing who has generated the data and when.  Revision authority can be allocated as required, with staff not authorised to make changes themselves able to record comments.  Designs are locked automatically when they are removed from the vault to prevent conflicts if more than one person tries to change the design simultaneously.

Once any project has been started within ShoeCloud, tasks can be assigned to one or more team members, who receive an e-mail notification with information on what they need to do and the deadline for their part of the project.  The whole team can see a full record of the project to date, together with the tasks that are scheduled for them and for the other team members.  Managers can track the progress of each project and the level of activity that is scheduled for each team member.

This comprehensive access to project data ensures that every person involved in the project group has all the information they need in order to set their individual priorities and to participate in collective decision-making.  It also enables each person involved in a project to track exactly who is expected to do any specific task, together with both when it is due to be completed and when it is actually finished.

All workflow is recorded as the project progresses.  Thus, as ShoeCloud is used, a knowledge base is created with the full history of all projects undertaken to date.  For any project, details can be tracked of all communications, with a full record kept of all instructions given and information supplied, together with a history of who approved what and when.

This database can be searched to provide background information when starting a new project related to, or similar to, any previous contracts, for example, designs already produced for a particular customer.  As well as helping in project planning and team management, this in-depth recording also allows ShoeCloud to be used to maintain quality standards.

As a result of all the continuous communication, the number of formal meetings between footwear design and manufacturing teams can be reduced.  Actions from the meetings that are held can be logged within ShoeCloud and the people responsible e-mailed with details to ensure that they are aware of the decisions made, the work that needs to be done and the scheduled completion dates.

Most importantly, ShoeCloud allows the work that needs to be progressed most urgently to be highlighted for immediate action.  Everyone involved in the project knows exactly what tasks they are supposed to be doing and in which order of priority, so there is less chance of them being sidetracked into less important work.

For further information, or to see CRISPIN ShoeCloud in action, please email [email protected].


Orthotics Technology Forum 2012 dates announced

Orthotics Technology Forum 2012 dates announced!
Next year’s Orthotic Technology Forum will be held on 12th & 13th July 2012 at University of Salford in Greater Manchester, UK.
The 2 day conference will include an evening meal at Old Trafford, home of Manchester United.
The programme is set to as varied and educational as this year’s event, showing technology which is currently being used in the design and manufacture of orthotic insoles as well as what may be on the horizon.
This event will again be CPD approved and count towards your professional development.
Please put the dates in your diary now and we will update you shortly when the programme is confirmed and when registration opens.

Visit for more information.

Why University of Salford?
The University of Salford has fantastic new facilities in its School for Health, Sports and Rehibilitation, including a multi million pound podiatry clinic, digital analysis rooms and orthotics labs.
The University is home to UNIPOD (United National Institute for Prosthetics & Orthotics Development) – The only Prosthetics and Orthotics higher education provider in England.
University of Salford’s podiatry clinic

Old Trafford
Included in your registration for the event, will be an evening meal on Thursday 12th July for all of our delegates to attend to relax, network and socialise.

Next year’s meal will be held at Old Trafford, the home of Manchester United Football Club. Delegates will be invited to enjoy pre-dinner drinks in the club’s Museum which houses three floors of history and memorabelia before enjoying a 3 course meal in the Evolution Suite with fantastic pitch side views.
Old Trafford pitch

Why should you attend?
You will see technologies already being used successfully by orthotics laboratories around the world alongside emerging technologies and research projects giving an insight into custom orthotic advances over the next few years.
The event is educational and will expose attendees to new and emerging technologies including hands on experience with a tour of University of Salford’s podiatry facilities as well as contribute towards your continued professional development.
There will also be an opportunity for delegates and speakers to network during the sessions and breaks to share experiences.
Who should attend?
• Laboratory Managers
• Innovative Podiatrists / Orthotists
• Anyone interested in improving the efficiency and profitability of their laboratory or clinic
Register your place and pay online at or contact Hannah Harlock at [email protected].
Once you have successfully registered for the event, you will be sent confirmation along with details of hotels that we have negotiated special rates with.
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CAD-CAM for Orthotics & Prosthetics


Delcam in association with Algeos and BAPO are pleased to present a revised version of this course which will look at the subject of CADCAM and its uses in O&P. As requested following last year’s presentations, the course has been reduced to one day. This next event will take place 20th April 2010.

Delcam UK is a division of Delcam Plc, one of the worlds leading developers and suppliers of CADCAM software for the 3-dimensional design, manufacture and inspection of complex shapes. OrthoModel is built upon 30 years of experience in the aerospace and automotive industries to give a solution which automates the design and manufacture of custom orthotic insoles.

This course will run with a maximum of 30 participants. Lunch will be included for all attendees.


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