Tournament Rules

  1. Each Team consist of 6 players with a maximum squad of 9 players
  2. Substitutions are limitless, but can only be made when the ball is out of play
  3. A maximum of 2 players only to be non-company employees
  4. Games will each be 20 Minutes
  5. Half Time change of ends after 10 minute period
  6. Top 2 teams in each group go on to Semi-Final Stage
  7. If Teams are level on points after group stages then a penalty shoot out will decide who goes through. (6 penalties then sudden death)
  8. Over Head Height Rule will not apply
  9. Offside Rule will not apply
  10. Goalkeepers and Throw ins must release the Ball underarm
  11. Slide tackles are not allowed
  12. Only goalkeepers are allowed in the area. If a defender encroaches then a penalty will be awarded
  13. If an attacking player encroaches in the area then the goalkeeper will be awarded the ball
  14. If a player is sent off, then he will be banned for the following 2 games
  15. If a player is sent off in a game, he cannot be substituted for another player, and the team must remain a man short for the duration of the game
  16. Teams entering more than one team are not allowed to swap players from one team to the other

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