Each year Algeos hold out annual O&P Technicians football tournament.  This year the event was held in Sheffield on Saturday the 1st of July 2017.

The O&P Technicians Cup is a 5-a-side football competition which takes place annually in the UK.   The event provides an excellent opportunity for professionally related companies to meet up on a unique social level and every year has proven to be huge success!

The location of the event changes each year, past locations have included Newcastle, Blackpool and Sheffield. The number of teams who take part in the competition vary year to year, but usually 10-12 teams take part.  Next year; the 2017 O&P Technicians Football Cup will be hosted in Liverpool.

The competition can be entered by any company or organisation in the O&P or Podiatry sectors, all we ask is that you enter your team early so we can plan ahead for the event.

To enter a team, please contact Shaun Large on [email protected]

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