BAPO has now extended the insurance cover that they provide to Technician’s who are members please find the details of this new cover below.

NEW Enhanced Insurance cover for BAPO members

The BAPO Executive committee is delighted to announce an extensively enhanced insurance cover for all UK Full, Associate Technician, Associate Assistant and Retired members at no increase in cost to you.

Insurance cover is recognised as a vital part of the Association’s offering to its members and we now provide cover for all members who undertake private practice. If you work as a Locum this is also classed as private practice. The addition of this to our policy provides every member who previously purchased the additional insurance with an annual saving of over £500!.Members who carry out private work are no longer required to purchase any extension to their main BAPO policy.

Please find below details of the four policies that BAPO provide as a benefit of membership:
1. Public Liability
Cover for Bodily Injury or Damage caused to Third Party Persons or Property arising out of activities in connection with the business occurring during the Period of Insurance.
i.e. If someone is injured because of something that you have done during your normal duty of work such as leaving a bowl of water on the floor and someone fell over this bowl and injured themselves.

2. Product Liability
Legal Liability for Accidental Bodily Injury or Damage caused to Third Party Persons or Property arising out of Goods Sold or Supplied in connection with the business occurring during the period of Insurance.
i.e. If a patient is injured by a product that you were carrying into a clinic room.

3. Medical Malpractice Insurance
Legal Liability for claims made during the period of Insurance as a direct result of negligence, error or omission in the conduct and execution of professional activities and duties, extending to include Good Samaritan acts.
i.e. This policy would cover you if a patient suffered injury and this was proven to be caused by the device that you manufactured for them. This policy would react to claims made by the claimant’s solicitors against the individual concerned and in all cases of private work (i.e. where no NHS indemnity applies.) It would also respond to pay for defence costs in addition to any awards in damages. IN CASES OF NEGLIGENCE, YOU MAY STILL BE SUBJECT TO DISCIPLINE FROM HPC AND THE LAW IF YOU HAVE AN ALLEGATION MADE AGAINST YOU.

4. Professional Indemnity Insurance **NEW**
This is a new additional policy for this year. Also known as PI insurance or indemnity insurance, this will protect you if claims are brought against you by a client due to a problem with advice you have given them during treatment that has then been found to be incorrect. This policy will also provide cover for Medico Legal Report writing and Expert Witness work.
i.e. If you had written a report for a patient regarding their Orthotic or Prosthetic condition and this was later proven to be wrong and the patient wished to claim for their losses during a court case..

Policy limits for all of the above are £5,000,000 per policy for any claims and in the annual aggregate (the sum of claims made through the Association insurance, not the individual claim), costs inclusive.

There are a few important points to remember with any insurance cover;

Scope of practice – to be covered by any policy you must make sure that any treatment or procedures that you carry out on a patient are within your scope of practice. In other words if required to stand up in court you would need to prove you were competent and had received relevant training for that procedure.

Notification of Claim – if you receive notification of a claim about to be made against you (be it written or verbal) please contact BAPO immediately and we will put you in touch with our brokers who will handle all communications for you. Never admit liability as this could nullify your insurance.
You need to have insurance cover in place at the time of any claim being made against you. Individuals are therefore required to hold active BAPO membership on the date the claim is made. With this in mind our insurance brokers advise that you should continue your cover for at least 5 years after ceasing to practice or retire, this is why BAPO include the same insurance cover for retired members, providing complete peace of mind.

As of 1 March 2012 all of the above is now provided as a benefit of your BAPO membership. If you were to purchase the same level of cover as an individual it would cost between £600 and £700 depending on your exact circumstances. Full BAPO membership provides this and a host of other benefits for only £360.67 annually.

Members who are currently registered with BAPO as Non-practising due to maternity absence should be aware that they are NOT covered by any insurance if a claim is made against them during this period. In order to receive insurance cover members on maternity absence are required to maintain their Full membership status throughout this time.

Remember these insurance policies also cover all court and legal costs required to defend you should a claim be made against you. Please feel free to advise your colleagues who work in private practice or Locum work who may not be aware of the fantastic saving available through BAPO membership.

If you have any further questions regarding your new BAPO insurance cover please contact the Secretariat on 0141 561 7217 or email [email protected]