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25% of USA O&P Professionals to retire in next years!

Picked this up from OPCareers. Almost 25% of USA O&P Professionals to retire in next years, while market needs continue to grow.

More stats available here:


Modifying: AFO Part 1

Video from Advanced Orthopedic Designs

In this two part video I show my technique for positive model rectification, or how I modify the plaster model.

The Annual O&P Technicians Cup 2015


Special thanks to all the participants of the O&P Technicians Football Cup 2015. It was a great event sponsored by Algeos and Aortha. Received great support from Steepers, Blatchford’s, Kenwards, Trulife and the tournaments worthy winners Head 2 Toe – many congratulations. Looking forward to next year’s prestigious O&P Technicians Football Cup 2016 in Liverpool.


O&P Technicians Cup 2015 – Football Tournament Pictures

Nottingham student’s design inspired by friend who lost a limb



A student has designed an artificial limb with a changeable cover to reflect the wearer’s mood, inspired by a friend who lost a leg. Nottingham Trent University undergraduate Jonathan Bradshaw wanted to provide amputees with an affordable way of reflecting their sense of style. It followed research in which he found appearance to be as important as comfort among younger people. School friend and amputee Amy Bosley described it as “a stroke of genius”.

Jonathan’s prototype features a removable casing system which provides protection to the prosthetic leg’s internal components.It has aluminium brackets and the casing clips on and off by hand with a quick release mechanism.

The changeable covers are attached to the casing with press studs and the quick release casing allows people to change the covers with ease by avoiding the need to bend down.

The different looks can be changed in a matter of minutes and the fabric is washable.

It will go on public display at the university’s Art and Design Degree Shows at the city site campus between 31 May and 8 June.


The 23-year-old came up with the idea for a product design project after becoming intrigued by some amputees who use wheelchairs rather than artificial legs.

Read more on this here at the BBC website >>


Automated Adjustable AFO Ankle Foot Orthoses


ISPO 2013 World Congress website now online

ISPO 2013 World Congress website is now online:

ISPO’s 14th World Congress will take place in Hyderabad, India, from 4 to 7 February 2013. The interdisciplinary programme of advanced training sessions will offer a unique platform for professional development, discussion and an exchange of ideas and experiences to an international delegation of teachers, clinicians, researchers, technicians, manufacturers, doctors and therapists.

The exhibition will showcase innovative and improved products and equipment. Manufacturers, educational institutions, CAD/CAM developers, providers of systems and services and rehab centres will find an invaluable platform to create visibility among a relevant international audience.


Shoes made for walking – Conference Update

Leeds University is a leader in the area of Patient Led Innovation. Two initiatives undertaken at Leeds University in the area of areas of wound care and arthritis have identified that “the current system for the provision of specialist/orthopaedic footwear is not meeting the needs of patients”. The aim of this inaugural conference is to create a community focus and drive for innovation and improvement in the area of specialist footwear design and provision.


The benefits of attending this free event include:

• A unique opportunity to engage with world leading practitioners and researchers in the fields of orthotic footwear, design, rheumatology podiatry and patient led innovation and health technology assessment

• Understanding and sharing the patient experience to influence a change in product and service provision

• Attendance at a high quality conference led by a university with an international reputation for research and design

• An opportunity to network with colleagues and professionals from all elements of the footwear supply chain

• An opportunity to develop a shared understanding of the need for innovation in the provision of specialist footwear

• Identifying where individualised budgets offer an opportunity to radically change service provision for the benefit of patients

• Share models of good practice and influence policy

The conference welcomes

• service commissioners and purchasing organisations

• NHS providers who have a specialist interest in footwear

• clinicians eg: podiatrists, orthotists, musculo-skeletal practitioners

• shoemaking companies including made to measure, bespoke and orthopedic specialists

• orthotic companies

• higher education and research

More and registration >>

Coneiak Polishing Arbors

NEW Coneiak Polishing Arbors – now available in the UK from Algeos

These silicone grinding and polishing arbors work well with any standard thermoplastic material within the O&P industry.


  • Only use coneiak arbors on thermoplastic material – do not use on carbon materials
  • Use manufacturers recommended speed for type of material being polished – guide available on request
  • Always pull the material towards you in one direction
  • Always keep the material moving. Do not focus on one spot

Algeos to put full support behind BAPO 2011 Technical Program

Algeos are pleased to announce they will be ‘fully’ supporting the 2011 Technical Program at the BAPO conference. Full details will follow, but plans are in being put into place to provide at least 3 speakers at the 2011 event, as well other initiatives such as sponsorship of the NEW ‘Show and Tell’ event and a re-launch of the technicians ‘Get Together’ event.

We are hoping the change of location and the increased energy being put into next year’s show by the BAPO team, that the 2011 conference will the one of the most successful events of recent years. We will be working closely with Ian Adam and Phil Buttery to ensure that technicians and other attendees have the best technical program ever at the UK’s most important O&P event.

We hope that all participating organisations, contributors, exhibitors and attendees will join us in in this supporting the 2011 event, to make it the best ever, which can only benefit us all as stakeholders in this most notable and worthy industry.

Further details on Algeos contribution to March’s conference will be posted to this website, BAPO’s and in the coming weeks.

Marc Cameron
A. Algeo Ltd


All about Foot Orthotics and Insoles

What do Foot Orthotics do?

Foot Orthotics correct an abnormal, or irregular, walking pattern. They perform functions that make standing, walking, and running more comfortable and efficient, by altering slightly the angles at which the foot strikes a walking or running surface. They are known to solve a number of biomechanically related problems, not only for obvious foot problems but also for ankle and knee pain, pelvis, hip, spinal pain and even headaches. This is achieved by preventing misalignment of the foot which can significantly alter the way in which the bones move within their joints.

Foot Orthotics are often used to correct problems such as:
  • Supination.
  • Pronation.
  • Structural abnormalities.
  • Patellar tendonitis.
  • General knee pain.
  • Ankle instability.
What is pronation?

Inward ankle tilt, known as ‘pronation – see above’ can cause the bones beneath the ankle to shift out of place and thus, lead to a considerable alteration to the way the joint operates. Outward ankle tilt, though less common still occurs in some indivduals in the reverse of the above. To read this article in full please click here>>

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