The UK throws thousands of pounds worth of orthotic equipment away every year as it is not fit for purpose or unneeded. Although these cannot be re-used in the UK there are areas in the developing world that would significantly benefit if these orthotic devices could be recycled.
A clinical and economic team from Nottingham University Hospitals are leading a trip to Uganda in June 2012 to treat patients suffering from poliomyelitis and desperately need used and unwanted lower limb orthosis to help this patient group. They are also seeking Orthotist and Technician volunteers for the 14 day trip to help assist with treating patients. This is therefore also a request for volunteers to give their time and skill to help others. Travel expenses, costs of immunisation and living costs will be covered by the projects sponsors.
We already have a large number of orthotic devices donated for the project but are desperate for more. Specifically we need

 KAFO’s
 AFO’s
 Adapted Footwear
 Side Steels and unwanted joints
(even singles)
 Leather/Padding materials  Straps, knee caps etc

Part of the trip is to perform an economic study to try to measure the costs of disability in the developing world and see how orthotic treatment improves lives and independence. This will hopefully be the first of many trips. If you would like to volunteer to be part of the team or have some orthosis to donate please contact Simon Dickinson on 07595 284928 or email: There is also a facebook group entitled “Uganda Polio Project” please share this project with your colleagues and contribute if you can. The container will be leaving Nottingham for Uganda in February 2012 and the clinical/technical/economic team will be in Uganda in the last 2 weeks of June 2012.