pl winners


As the new football season is about to begin do you fancy being the new Jose Mourinho or even Brendan Rodgers well now is your chance. is once again happy to sponsor the new  Serie Algeo 2013/14 competition with a prize of £100 for the winning manager.  It is very easy to take part just go to the fantasy football web page at pick and name your team and then join the Serie Algeo league.  The code for the league is 489939-122480 then send an e-mail to detailing your name and workplace, this will stop any non O&P staff joining the league.  Then it is simple to make sure that your players do their best to get you top of the league but remember to make sure you unleash you hairdryer team talk when the guys are not performing and dabble in the transfer market to put together the best 11 men.

Good luck.